We have been in the internet server hosting business since 1995, serving you with your internet hosting needs.

Today, we are primarily focused on servicing existing clients with their virtual private server (VPS) hosting requirements.  Two VPS configurations are available in the Shop to enable clients to pay for their existing virtual private server.   Please review what applies to you below.

Existing Clients
Shared Hosting
Existing clients with shared hosting services may continue to use their services, however we will not be migrating those to our new automated platform.  Shared hosting clients may continue to pay for their services as before.  There are no shared hosting plans on this site.
Our new platform is catered to existing clients with a virtual private server that would like to have greater control in managing their server, or adding new servers without having to put in a request for support.

VPS Hosting (no control panel)
There is no requirement for existing VPS clients to migrate their servers to our new automated platform with a control panel.  You may continue to use your server as before, but monthly payment by credit card for your server will need to be made from here on a monthly basis. Please use the Shop link above, select your existing VPS with either 1 GB memory (VPS 1), or with 2 GB memory (VPS 2), and make your payment.

VPS Hosting (with control panel)
VPS clients that would like to be migrated to our new automated platform, with a control panel, may start the process by using the Sign Up link that was sent by email.  Migrated (control panel) clients may pay by credit card for their server directly from the same control panel that provisions your server. The same two VPS configurations are available on our new automated platform.

For custom VPS configurations, using the control panel, new servers may be provisioned according to your VPS specifications by requesting the number of vCPU's, Memory (in MB), Disk space (in GB), and Bandwidth required (in TB). You will then be able to select that VPS plan from the control panel followed by  the Operating System (OS) that you would like to use.  A new VPS will be automatically provisioned within a few minutes.

ERP system hosting, design, implementation and support
Existing ERP clients will continue to be hosted on their already provisioned VPS, and payment for services will continue to be via bank transfer only.  We will not migrate any virtual private servers running a live ERP.

New Clients
As noted above, we are primarily focused on servicing existing clients, however if you would like to become a client you may contact us and we will send you a sign up link.